Which browsers does VIPworkspace.com support?

VIPworkspace.com supports the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 6.0+ & above
Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ & above
Google Chrome 5 & above
Safari 4 & above

Regardless of the browser type, you must enable JavaScript for VIPworkspace.com to function properly.

Note: Please use Google Chrome 5+ versions for better experience.

What is the required speed of the internet to effectively use this system?

A minimum of 128 Kbit/s speed internet should be fine as long as traffic is stable. One thing you should consider is our application is Web 2.0 rich client interface. While opening any section for the first time (e.g. Project Management) it will take a while (7-10 seconds) to load the interface depending on your internet speed. Then further interactions will use light weight Ajax communication with server.

How often is the system upgraded?

The system is upgraded once every 2 weeks. Major uploads are done on a monthly basis. For monthly uploads release notes are provided while other upgrades will be sent via email.

Is VIPworkspace.com available in other languages?

VIPworkspace.com is currently available in English, Arabic(beta version), Russian, Spanish, Portugiese, Dutch, Turkish languages.

Does VIPworkspace.com offer SSL connection?

Yes. 256-bit SSL is available upon request for paid subscribers in order to provide data security while their data being transferred between their PC and VIPworkspace.com servers.

Are customizations available?

Yes. They are available and cost you depending on the complexity of the tailoring required.

If I don't need some modules or features...

Features you think you may not need will either be hidden or switched off so that you will be able to see and use only those needed.

What are future implementation plans in VIPworkspace.com ?

We update our roadmap regularly, but, we do not publish it online. Our subscribed customers receive monthly emails about upcoming system updates and about new features with their descriptions.

What are the costs of the installation and maintenance or any needed technical support?

We provide different support packages for our gold clients. We may also help with training and implementation at reasonable prices. Please review our pricing pages for detailed costs breakdown

Is it possible to rename terms, for example, from department to section?

Yes. It is easily possible to rename terms into those ones you prefer to see within the syste

What is the capacity of the system in terms of saving or attaching documents to the project or tasks?

The total size of the attachments cannot exceed 5GB per company.

Can I email the Customer Service Department?

For your questions, enquiries and problems, please email support@vipworkspace.com.

What is the phone number for your Customer Service Department?

You can contact VIPworkspace.com support department at:

Is VIPworkspace.com available on mobile devices?

Yes, VIPworkspace.com is available in later versions IOS and Android devices.