Customer Relationship Management and Sales


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will record all interactions with the outside world and allow you to move seamlessly from the first identification of a suspect to the billing of a customer for a sale, the first engagement with a supplier to their delivery performance, an application from a contractor through to their engagement in a project are just examples of the CRM flow. As part of the suite, CRM integrates seamlessly with the other functions allowing you a single view of the relationship. All the interactions between the parties are stored in one place and can be shared. You can move a contact through the sales cycle to a customer with a project, initiating quotes, proposals and invoices, making purchases of inventory and shipment when the sale is made, recording partnership and supplier relationships while managing the financial transactions.

Customer relationship management

How is it integrated with other sections? CRM provides a seamless way of Accounting & Finance and Project management Integration so that users will be able to convert sales opportunities into projects, create quotes, invoices to send to their customers.

CRM integration with PM, HRMS, Accounting and Payroll solutions

CRM Activities’s CRM consists of 4 basic modules, which are, sales, customer service, email marketing and web forms. Being a uniquely integrated solution, the software allows sales people to generate leads using web forms and mass mailing tool, eventually converting them into sales opportunities and accomplishing them with customer service tool. CRM & Sales customer reviews

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